NSBC has a few tips to consider:
Wear a life jacket at all times while on the water. Have your canine companion wear one as well.
Never overload your boat (with too many people or too much gear).

Take extra precautions to avoid falling overboard, capsizing, or swamping. Many accidents occur when an angler or hunter leans over the boat edge

or suddenly stands up.

Be aware of conditions for hypothermia especially if you fall in the water.

Always check weather before getting underway and assess conditions

throughout the day.

File a float plan with friends and family.

Enjoy and always follow the #1 rule:

stay safe.

Misty is the Captain for

Lil Anglers Club for 2021

​Phillies Threashers Games

Boating Safety 


Misty started the Clearwater High

Fishing Club in 2018 

Her ole Alma Mater

I am working through Education w/ the next Generation to teach them Conservation & a Love the Nature.

I am working together the FWC, CCA, IGFA, FOWA & other organizations to help ensure safe & sustanable use of fishing, hunting and wildlife resources.  


​The majority of drownings happen in open water. Nearly 650 people die each year during recreational boating activities. Click logo to link..

IGFA Youth Education Partner

since 2019

Misty teaches in the

GATI Annually